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$39.95 for a single month


                               150 minutes -  $50
                          Non-member minutes Expire in 90 days
                                300 minutes - $90

                           Non-member minutes Expire in 180 days   

                                 600 minutes - $140

                            Non-member minutes Expire in 1 year

          Discount Rates apply for Gym Members

     Single Session - $7.50 Non-members


The Australian Gold® brand offers a breadth of products to fit every tanner’s needs, lifestyle, price and personal preference. Our wide variety allows a tanner to get the best in skincare and a dark tan while staying in the price point that fits their lifestyle. Whether you are looking for instant dark color, gradual base building color or tan extending products, Australian Gold® brand has you covered.


Glenville Health has a mission to keep tanning as safe as is possible. Meaning: Learn Not to Burn! Build your Tan base slowly. Start with a few minutes exposure and work up to full exposure. Using a lotion to keep your skin moisturized and help with your color.

4 Basic Types of Lotions:

Accelerators-All indoor tanning lotions act as accelerator.  Accelerators enhance and maximize your tanning results.  They increase the melanin production while replenishing your skin by putting vitamins back in.  It helps to allow more UV light to be absorbed into your skin to maximize your tanning results.  

Bronzers - Lotions with bronzers are also accelerators.  They make you look a little bit darker while you're developing your natural tan or on top of your already developed natural tan.   Bronzers give you "instant" color and last any where from 1-2 days up to 8-10 days depending on the number of bronzers the lotion has.  Some bronzers are stain and streak free. 

Tingles - Tingle lotions increase the micro-circulation which brings more blood and oxygen to the surface of your skin which results in a deeper, darker tan.  Tingles have a "warming" and\or "tingling"  feel along with a "reddening" effect.  The reddening can last up to 2 hours after applying.   Tingles are made to irritate the skin, be itchy.  This is what causes the micro-circulation.   Tingles are not for everyone.  Tingles are not recommend for the face or sensitive areas of the body.   Tingles are not recommended for outdoor use because the heat can cause the tingles to re-active.  Tingles are recommended for advance tanners with an already good base tan.  Tingles help boost or break the tanning plateau. 

Coolants - Lotions with coolants are the opposite of tingles.  Coolants give you a cooling sensation and feels refreshing.  They also cool you down faster after a tanning session.  Coolants do not necessary increase your tanning results.  They are a matter of preference.  Coolants can be used outdoors.